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MF6 Training Ride

Training Day, 04/ 26/18. 3 days till Miesville!

In anticipation of the upcoming first gravel race of the season, I went on a 46 mile training ride to test new hydration/fuel system, my all-road-bike, and last but not least my cycling provess. 

Having been exclusively Nordic skier/speedskater until just recently (Thank you April Snowmageddon!), I had serious concerns regarding my legs (and lungs and the rest of my anatomy) ready for for this upcoming epic ride. So, this venture into a South Metro farmland was a great way to see where I stand.

There were gravel, limestone, rough roads, smooth roads, and relentless wind (we are still a prairie land). Surprisingly enough, my physical shape was very decent and bike handled very well, and fluid/feed system functioned perfect alongside with some experimental energy substances.

The highlight of the ride was a climb of winding Dell Rd from Flying Cloud Drive just few miles from the finish – it’s tough enough on a road bike, let alone my all-road beast! Somewhere at midpoint I seriously considered just walking it up, yet persevered and slowly but surely reached the top – major confidence builder!

Going on Friday on a long fast road ride (my carbon rocket this time), followed some gravel on Saturday, and then a Big Day on Sunday – my inaugural Miesville 56!