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Pearl of Fermentation.Ingredients:
  • 1 Cabbage
  • 2 Carrots
  • Sea Salt
  • Caraway Seed
  • Jalapeno/Serrano Peppers (optional)
  • Lingonberries (optional)
  1. Cut the Cabbage head into four segments, and then shred them.
  2. Using grater, do the same with two peeled carrots.
  3. Transfer everything into a large ceramic bowl.
  4. Add Sea Salt, Caraway Seeds, and the rest of optional ingredients.
  5. Massage everything with your hands till juices start flowing.
  6. Cover your ceramic bowl with a cheese cloth or paper towel.
  7. Keep lightly massaging and mixing it every day for a few days.
  8. After several days (depending on room temperature) you will start smelling the kraut’s aroma – it’s an indication that a rapid fermentation is finished.
  9. Transfer finished products into glass jar and keep them refrigerated – they will be fresh for at least several weeks.