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Sociable Classic

Sociable Classic – Presented by Angry Catfish and Sociable Cider Werks.

As part of 30 Days of Biking  celebration, ACF and SCW organized a lovely tour through Minneapolis with stop at the Northern Coffeeworks and Sociable Cider Werks being a final destination.

Large group of cyclists gathered at the ACF munching on complimentary coffee and donuts,

and before long, departed as one happy group.

We biked along Minnehaha Creek, the Chain of Lakes, onto Greenway and then to the North Loop, where there was a lunch/coffee break at the Northern Coffeeworks.

After the refuel, we continued through the Mills Ruins over the Stone Bridge…

and eventually reached the coveted Sociable Coffee Werks!

And sociable it was – this really warm end of April day attracted swarms of vitamin D deficient residents – hopefully sun rays and array of multiple flavors of locally produced ciders (Burn Out Cucumber Habanero!!!) cured all the remnants of their winter blues.


Thank you ACF and SCW for putting up such a memorable event!